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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence development services


Custom software solutions

According to recent studies, every fifth IT systems task can be automated using Artificial Intelligence or Data Science. We analyse your business and develop cutting-edge Machine Learning custom software solutions for your business. Whether it is sales or costs predictions, video or image recognition or any other AI related solution, our experts at Techenfold are well equipped to take your enterprise to the next level!


Valuable insights

Most likely, your business has been collecting data for many years, which we can analyse and turn into valuable insights for you! We leverage your data to unfold trends and patterns and detect critical events before they can harm your business:

  • Transaction logs
  • Customer records
  • Social media postings

We offer

  • Chatbots for customer support
  • Auto-detection of fraudulent activity
  • Sales forecasts for better planning
  • Improved advertising through analysis of User behaviour
  • Customer segmentation
  • Recognition and identification for smart surveillance

Already using Data Science & Artificial Intelligence?

We provide consulting services for AI, Machine Learning and Data Science