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Tech Enfold offers comprehensive Backend web development expertise to connect the frontline of your system with powerful technology for your online business!

Nowadays, a website is an indispensable asset for every business. However, without an effective back-end web development, customers cannot enjoy a satisfying experience. You can have a stunning frontend but if the application does not work, the whole project will still be a failure. That is why you should highly value the backend of your website, which is responsible for calculations, database interactions and performance.

Our Backend solutions run in numerous environments, facilitate the exchange of information, assist with API integration and improve the website’s user experience.

Our technology expertise includes

Prototyping, development and deployment

We provide end-to-end Backend prototyping, development and deployment services for your project, from simple websites to data-driven systems.


API Integration

We ensure that querying multiple data sources does not slow down your application.

Backend reengineering

Our experts provide professional assistance with the redesign of your already existing backend solution. We review your entire infrastructure and optimize your backend.


Support and maintenance

Tech Enfold provides infrastructure monitoring, environment audits and troubleshooting.