Creating a positive impact

What is the role and responsibility of a for-profit company? At Tech Enfold, we believe that our company can and should have a positive impact on our local communities. Thus, our priority at Tech Enfold is our commitment to CSR.


Our business practices reflect our commitment to making a positive impact around Africa. Tech Enfold’s vision is to digitize Africa and help local entrepreneurs to innovate and transform Africa. We want to learn and grow together by serving our community.

Corporate Conscience - CSR matters

As a strong corporate citizen we do not only solely focus on our core business activities but also highly on contributing to our local community and creating a positive global social impact.


Sustainable Development

Being an African company, we want to help realising Africa’s potential and end poverty in rural areas by building local talent. Tech Enfold believes that capacity building, especially when it comes to coding is key to sustainable development. Learning how to write software is one of the most powerful tools young, ambitious Africans can get in order to improve their lives.

As a result, we have engaged in several educational programs where we provide high quality, state of the art programming courses to ambitious youngsters who want to become future coding superstars.

Our corporate efforts to improve society

Besides educating local communities, Tech Enfold also offers internships and permanent job positions to graduates of our educational programs and help those, who cannot be employed by us, to find jobs at other renowned ICT companies. 


Empowering female software engineers

We are committed to put an end to the extreme female under-representation when it comes to software engineering jobs and to encourage young, talented women to start a career in the Tech Industry. Thus, Tech Enfold is constantly attending women's tech conferences around the globe and supporting initiatives that empower female developers.

Employee engagement

We want to be a responsible business and together with non-profits around the world, we aim to improve the local community. Many times a year, Tech Enfold’s employees participate in a service days, together with our non-profit organizations and spend the day contributing to local communities

It is our vision that we also inspire our customers, partners and other businesses to join us on our way to creating a positive change.